Personal Work and Fan Art

Odd and stylized work done for fun or at friend's request.

Huntress (2011)

Fan Art for The Legend of Zelda (2011)

Lovecraft-Style Creature Concepts (2011)

Woodcut (2010)

Digital Portrait (2010-2011)

Fan Art for Monkey Island (2011)

Oil Painting Studies

Studying under Professor Sam Knecht . Sessions from life, usually six to ten hours.

                Self Portrait (2010)                                      Still Life with Light Bulb (2008)

Northern Isle (2008)

Editorial Illustration

Work for the Collegian, Hillsdale College's student run paper. Hired in fall 2007 and doing roughly four drawings a month. Often done without specific reference in two to five hours digitally and with ink.

St. Patrick's Day

Halloween (2009)

Election (2008)